Prof. Sunil Dhingra

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) which was established in 2004 in the campus of Kurukshetra University. It was established with a motive 'MIND TO MARKET' so as to achieve excellence in the key areas of engineering and to produce talented and committed human resources driven by the spirit of innovation and team work. Presently the institute imparts training in the six key branches of Engineering namely six key branches of Engineering namely Computer Science Engineering, Computer Science & Engg (AI & ML), Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bio-Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We offer both graduate and post graduate degrees in these branches of Engineering to more than 2000 talented students from all parts of India having top ranks in JEE Main exam.

The campus provides excellent infrastructure not only to hone the technical skills of the students but also provides ample space for leisure and extra curricular activities. I am quite confident that your visit to our campus and interaction with the students will certainly elicit a good response from you.

I whole heartedly extend a warm invitation to all who are interested innovation and are obsessed with quality.