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Ph.D Syllabus Computer Science and Engineering (Feb 2024)
Ph.D Syllabus Electrical Engineering
Ph.D Syllabus Biotechnology (Updated on 10/02/2020)
Ph.D Syllabus ECE (Updated on 10/02/2020)
Ph.D Syllabus Mechanical (Updated on 10/02/2020)
Ph.D Syllabus CSE (Updated on 10/02/2020)
Ph.D Syllabus Chemistry (Updated on 10/02/2020)
Ph.D Syllabus Physics (Updated on 10/02/2020)
NIRF Report
Performa for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree Half-yearly Progress Report
M.Tech.(Credit Based) Ordinance
B.Tech.(Credit Based) Ordinance
Guidelines Credit Based System
Reevaluation Rules
PG Scholarship AICTE Disbursement Rules – 2015
M.Tech. Thesis Guidelines
Industrial Training Format
Ordinance Exam Form
FEE Voucher for PNB
Project Performa M.Tech
Biotech Ph.D Question paper 2013 Paper1 Paper2
Mechanical Ph.D 2013 Question papers Paper1 Paper2
Computer Engg.Ph.D 2013 Question papers Paper1 Paper2
Mandatory Disclosures UIET
Plagiarism Related Notice
Application Form for similarity check in KUK