Electronics & Communication Engg. Department

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engg.(ECE)was established in the year 2004. The department admires technology Development through innovations and its exploitation for the benefit of human kinds.
The ECE department at UIET is running B.Tech and M.Tech Programs in Electronics & Communication Engineering with intake of 120 and 20 respectively. The department has more than 450 undergraduate and postgraduate students.
It is equipped with the latest experimental and computational facilities for taking up R & D and consultancy activities in various fields. Various workshops on latest electronic design automation tools like Multisim, Orcad ,Xillinx ,Labview , pSpice, Matlab to make students proficient in electronic design automation tools are being organized regularly . The department is also running Govt. of India sponsored NPMOS program. Besides, the department is equipped with electronics components worth more than Rs. 12.00 Lacs and under the active guidance of faculty members, the students have also been working on various microcontroller, embedded system based electronics projects.

UG POE Electronics & Communication Engg. Department

Graduates will acquire technical background in field of Electronics & Communication Engineering with a motivation to be able to apply this knowledge in continuing education and research. (Continuation of Education & Research).
Graduates will able to work professionally to make them fit for rapidly changing technological environment of Electronics & Communication Engineering. (Professional Attitude)
Graduates will able to attain the leadership capabilities to address the technical, economic and ethical challenges in a responsive manner at different levels of their learning phases of life. (Leadership Practices)